Meet Brendan

Earth Digital – I started working alongside people with disabilities in 1997.  My personal highlight would be working for the State Government Body DADHC for 13 years and winning a Bronze Premier’s Award for a Supported Enterprise Enclave.
When I hit 32 I quit my public sector job and bought a business.  And the next 15 years were a blast!  I built and sold businesses and made many mistakes along the way.  I am living proof that resilience, perseverance and grit are more important than the amount of start up cash you have.
I’m genuinely excited about the prospect of waking up and going to work with you!  As a Founder of Entrepreneurship Pathways™ it’s a privilege to share what I’ve learned through a few costly mistakes but many, many more amazing breakthroughs in the real hustle of day to day business.
Let’s meet and let’s see how together we can change your world…

Earth Digital Pty Ltd
Brendan is your Entrepreneurship Consultant


12 Step Entrepreneurship Pathways™ Program is not a theory based course.
My coaching follows the adult learner model of immersion – learning as you do the thing you are learning.  It’s all about seeing, being and doing.
I aim to establish a genuine rapport with you based on my real world experience and our authentic connection.

NDIS Consultancy Rates

My unique skillset of successful start up entrepreneurship combined with government disability support experience ensures you a safe, connected and quality experience.


Casual Booking 3hr


12 Step Entrepreneurship Pathways™ Program
1:1 Support
45 hrs


Graduates 3hr